What make this beautiful house stand out?

Beautiful house from Shachar – Rozenfeld

CH House is a beautiful house that takes advantage of the combination of functionality and beauty of floating stairs to exude an air of modern appeal. Designed by the renowned architects Shachar – Rozenfeld Architects, CH House is an epitome of a modern abode that brings together timeless decor, modern structures, and beautiful finishes.

This snazzy home stands on a 600 square foot lot and is designed in an intriguing L shape. Besides the fabulous floating stairs that add elegance, style, and model appeal to the whole setup, CH House also comes complete with a modern black & white kitchen with the latest fixtures, amazing cabinetry, and welcoming ambiance. It is, however, the simple modern house design — the open floor plan style — that makes this house stand out, and feel and look contemporary.

With a sizeable pool in the backyard, a well-kept sitting area, and a granite-tile facade, CH House exteriors will knock your socks off.

Beautiful house from Shachar – Rozenfeld
Beautiful house from Shachar – Rozenfeld

Source: Architecturebeast


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